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535. The really wind-proof clothes pin would not only save a 542. A sled of the flexible flyer type that would permit the turning of sharp corners would quickly win the hearts of boys. 543. A new method of power for toy trains, automobiles and airplanes would make millions in royalties for the lucky inventor who could turn the trick. 544. A new inter-locking system of wooden blocks would be quick to win the approval of parents buying such toys for their children. great deal of work on the part of housewives but it would be bought by them in tremendous quantities.

A composition substitute for ivory piano keys that will not discolor. ·· 236. A way of giving letters a wax seal without the use of sealing wax that has to be heated. 250. An inexpensive process for the coating of paper giving it a glazed surface without the use of an expensive clay filler. 237. A way of preventing fires in the automatic match-producing machinery used in match factories. 251. Large producers of foodstuffs use millions of eggs annually 238. Indestructible china ware for home use; addition of ingredients to the china or a new chemical compound might give break-proof qualities without increasing cost or altering appearance.

636. Ear-laps that will remain fixed to the ears without the use of steel bands. 6r9. A garbage truck without odor. The health departments of 622. A method of finishing the parts of a gas stove that becomes heated so that they will never discolor. 623. A new material to pack pillows and mattresses that can be discarded yearly because of its cheapness. 624. up the laying of hardwood floors. 625. Stamp dealers are looking for a little machine with which stamps might be hinged for mounting in albums.

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