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By Matthias Gerner

This is often the 1st sleek grammar of Nuosu written in English. Nuosu belongs to a bit recognized part of Tibeto-Burman. The 2.5 Million ethnic Nuosu are a part of the Yi nationality and stay in Sichuan (China). This grammar informs Tibeto-Burman linguists, typologists, students of language touch and overseas rookies of Nuosu.

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Cy jjo ssy sho ddep lox. SG life span long WISH ‘It is desirable (= I hope) that he has a long life’. ꋧꃅꋋꂷꌼꇑꀠꇁꂵ。 zzyt mu cyx ma ssut lup ba la mat. PROX CL throw into disorder FEAR ‘It is to be feared (= I fear) that the world is being thrown into disorder’. 3): nouns (diminutive), numeral classifiers (ordinal numbers), personal pronouns (emphatic meaning), verbs and adjectives (alternative question), adverbs of manner (intensification). (5) Diminutive nouns a. ’ gox LOC qo. have b. ꃯꃯꁧꑌꐛꅑ。 vox vox bbo nyi jjip ndit.

The nuoho caste7 constitutes a much larger class of ethnic aristocrats, but not acknowledged by the central government. Further, the quho caste8 consists of ordinary people. The Chinese historiographer Mă Chángshoù 马长寿 (1985: 105–109) reports that conflicts between the nzymo and nuoho castes started during the Míng dynasty around the 15th century and escalated gradually into the ejection of the Lili Nzomo from Meigu county by sections of the nuohu caste. Until the dawn of the 20th century these conflicts persisted with the rise of new centrally appointed nzy mo and their displacement enforced by insubordinate nuoho and quhuo.

He mentions two reasons for an ancient connection of the Nuosu with the Liángshān area. Firstly, the Nuosu have ceremonial texts (bimo teyy) that differ from other Yi groupings suggesting that the Nuosu lived isolated from surrounding groups when the texts were recorded. Isolation from other Yi peoples is most credible to have occurred in Liángshān. 2) whose existence Harrell traces back to the time after the 13th century. This absence in the texts suggests a presence of the Nuosu in Liángshān before the 13th century.

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