Download e-book for kindle: A Working of Stars (Mageworlds Book 7) by Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

By Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

ISBN-10: 0812571932

ISBN-13: 9780812571936

The recent novel within the sweeping Mageworlds series.On the planet Entibor, Arekhon sus-Khalgath sus Peledaen has stumbled on safeguard and family tranquility together with his outdated love, Elaeli Inadi, on the cost of what he had left in the back of: a dispersed and shattered Mage-Circle, an estranged brother who had attempted to kill him, and a homeworld at the cusp of huge cultural upheaval.Arekhon unearths himself impelled homeward by means of unusual desires and prophetic visions. the good Working—the attempt to do the unthinkable and reunite a galaxy lengthy sundered by means of the distance Between—remains incomplete, left unfinished within the aftermath of the dissolution of Arehkon’s Mage-Circle. yet an excessive amount of strength and too many lives were poured into the operating already; and it can't finish as long as any of the Circle individuals stay alive and sure into it.Home, regrettably, isn’t a secure position for Arehkon to be for the time being. For Eraasi has changed—and the good fleet households on the heart of the Eraasian tradition are girding for struggle.

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Hardly enough for a table full of star-lords, should they get the hunger on them for berried snow. Refrigerator ice could be substituted, but not at the Court of Two Colors. Tabbes drew a line through the menu entry to show that he had not approved it, then moved on to the next item, a gallimaufry of tenderwort in cream. Tenderwort was on the delivery list for tonight, very good, because it didn't keep. The list showed a truckload from the Ridge Farms Produce Cooperative going to Loading Dock 3, and from there to the low-humidity storeroom.

I suppose that means you're going to vote against establishing a sus-Dariv strike team," she said. He nodded. " "I suppose not… look, Herin, will you take my proxy for that vote when it comes up? " "Of course," he said. She set down her mug and searched through her folder of conference materials until she found a stylus and a slip of paper with which to write up the formal authorization. He tucked the finished note inside his shut. That done, Zeri gave Herin her thanks and a smile of farewell, then began working her way through the crowd to the door.

If its ship-mind could still function, the sus-Dariv ship was probably not one of those bits of drifting debris Fire-on-the-Hilltops was busy avoiding. He set himself to instructing the ship-mind in a search pattern that would increase their chances of finding Garden-of-Fair-Blossoms in an expeditious manner. Several hours and a number of unscheduled evasive maneuvers later, the navigational console began to blink and hoot at him. SEARCH TARGET FOUND, reported the alphanumeric display. SENSORS REPORT VESSEL'S DOCKING RING INTACT.

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