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This is often the 1st real etymological dictionary of outdated chinese language written in any language. As such, it constitutes a milestone in study at the evolution of the Sinitic language crew. while past experiences have emphasised the constitution of the chinese language characters, this pathbreaking dictionary areas fundamental emphasis at the sounds and meanings of Sinitic roots. in accordance with greater than 3 many years of in depth research in fundamental and secondary resources, this thoroughly new dictionary locations previous chinese language squarely in the Sino-Tibetan language relatives (including shut attention of various Tiberto-Burman languages), whereas paying due regard to different language households equivalent to Austroasiatic, Miao-Yao (Hmong-Mien), and Kam-Tai.

Designed to be used via nonspecialists and experts alike, the dictionary is very obtainable, being prepared in alphabetical order and possessed of various cutting edge lexicographical gains. every one access bargains a number of attainable etymologies in addition to reconstructed pronunciations and different suitable information. phrases which are morphologically similar are grouped jointly into ''word families'' that try and make specific the derivational or different etymological approaches that relate them. The dictionary is preceded through a noticeable and demanding advent that outlines the author’s perspectives at the linguistic place of chinese language inside Asia and info the phonological and morphological homes, to the measure they're identified, of the earliest levels of the chinese and its ancestor. This creation, since it either summaries and synthesizes past paintings and makes a number of unique contributions, services as an invaluable reference paintings all by itself.

The ABC Etymological Dictionary of previous chinese language is a enormous fulfillment within the background of chinese language linguistics, supplying many new hypotheses and systematically comparing and incorporating past scholarship. it is going to be warmly welcomed via students in a large choice of China- and Asia-related fields, together with early chinese, literature, tradition, and notion in addition to the wider cultural-linguistic panorama of prehistorical East and Southeast Asia.

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Ba J\ > WB hrae > Kanauri re, Lushai riat > WT brgyad > Tib. 1). [thei B] *hrii' or Re-analysis may possibly explain the difference in DC initials between *hr~i? 'body, form, shape' and sheng ~ [~£I)] *sreI) 'to be alive, be born'. Both words probably belong to ST *sri 'to be'. 2). But for an alternative explanation, see ~ tT B. 3 Metathesis In a few items, ST words with initial consonant clusters underwent a metathesis of the post-initial consonant and the following vowel (CCV > CVe). Benedict (LTBA 16:2, 1993: 121) calls these 'split cognates'.

LHan < OCM ku 7r! khOC < *khOh b6 ¥! bak < *biik bi W pis < *pis wei -&t wui A Where tone B does occur in OC *-n? 1). Gums Lush. *-hnii? shen ~31 sinB PTB *rnil WB has a final stop in some words which elsewhere end in a nasal. Chepang and Kuki-Chin languages suggest that the reason may be a PTB final *-N? CH, which has tone A, has eliminated the suspected ST final glottal stop, as expected (KC =Kuki-Chin; Chep. = Chepang; LHan). But it remains to be seen if there is really a system (Matisoff n.

OB/C zhl ~! , *-k + *-7 > *-7), but the interchange *-k - *-7 may also have other causes; therefore we hesitate to set up clusters like *-k7. The same correspondences are encountered in Tai and AA loans (one way or the other; LH after the graph): Cover Siam. pOkDIS < *p- 'to cover, book cover' bao [pou B] *pu? 'preserve, protect' Fall down Siam. tokD1S < *t- 'fall down' dao 1i~ [tou B] *tau7 'turn over, fall' Mortar Siam. k hrokD2S 'mortar' jiu [gu B] *gu? 4 TONES Pig PMonic *cliik 'pig' shr ~ [seB] *lhe??

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