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Using the dimensions outlined below, Holbrook (1999) developed a matrix where each cell of the typology presented represents a distinct type of consumer value. This is offered in Table III. Holbrook (1999) proposes that the model is flexible enough to be able to apply it to a variety of consumer experiences. To test this, the researchers have applied the model to online retail sites’ offerings. The prime purpose being to assess how on-line retailers are currently creating value for consumers via their Web sites.

1966), The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge, Penguin, London. Douglas, M. (1982), ‘‘Cultural Bias’’, In The Active Voice, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London. S. (1982), ‘‘Industry influences on strategy reformulation’’, Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 3, pp. 119-31. , Kelly, D. and Gamble, A. (1997) (Eds), Stakeholder Capitalism, Macmillan, London. Knights, D. and Morgan, G. (1991), ‘‘Corporate strategy, organizations, and subjectivity: a critique’’, Organization Studies, Vol.

All of these apply to the UK banking industry. Diversification With regards to this quadrant of Ansoff’s (1965) matrix, new products and/or services are developed, which are sold to new markets. com again is a good example of a firm who has followed this growth strategy. For whilst the company began by selling books in one market, the US, moving gradually on to audio and video products, it quickly moved into new geographical markets for example the UK. Its most recent new market is France. According to McDonald (2000) the firm is keen to concentrate upon the European market because of its high population density, which means lower transportation and shipping costs.

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